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Serving the Professional Cleaning Sector for over 20 years.

Serving the Professional Cleaning Sector for over 20 years.

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Window Pouch Side Kit


Best way to keep your tools on the belt.

strong nylon side-kit
32cm / 12,6″ x 29cm / 11,4″
3 compartiments
special compartment for holding Squeeze Deluxe
dry and wet cloths can be stored seperatly
front pocket with flap and magnet to close
What is new about this version?
Well, first of all we changed the divider of the compartments from horizontal to vertical so the pouch remains open when you have it on your belt.
Second, we’ve added a bottle/can holder on the inside of the pouch and a little pocket on the side to fit your pocket scraper.
We also made the zipper in the back longer so it can fit the larger mobile phones.

Update product: Side-kit

– Perfect fit for a scraper.
– Vertical water resistant divider.
– Keeps wet and dry towels perfectly separated.
– Vertical divider compartments secures fast entry to your cloths always stay open and separate your wet and dry microfiber cloths.
– Extra bottle holder /cleanser in the inner main compartment.
– Water resistant (not waterproof) optimized zippered pocket for smartphone / keys.
– Lowered entry bottle holster for quick entry.
– Zips easy to operate while on the move.
– Reinforced stitching of the zip.
– Magnetic closure system.
– Wearing your Side Kit:
– with straps: more flexible and it hangs lower
– with male belt clip: no more dangling side kit – easier reach + quick mount and quick take off.

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