Reduce dangerous chemical handling and ensure proper dilution ratios with this Dema Dilution at Hand chemical dispensing system with action gap backflow preventers! This dispenser can handle up to four chemicals with a maintenance-free Dial-a-Blend selector knob for simple use and also has a single chemical remote fill option for when you need to quickly fill large mop buckets.

With a flow rate of 1 gpm and one handed operation, the four chemical dispensing system allows your employees to quickly choose the chemical they need and then efficiently fill spray bottles and other vessels. With chemicals that require more dilution, the lower flow rate and accurate dispensing are essential to ensuring consistent, properly diluted cleaning solutions. In addition, this model also includes a set of bilingual decals that can be used to label the selector knob so your cleaning staff knows exactly which setting to choose.

The remote bucket filler is a great option when your staff needs to fill mop buckets with the proper solution for maintaining safe and clean floors. It has a hose and spray nozzle that provide an extended reach and a 4 gpm flow rate for quick filling of many sizes of buckets. Since the remote filler has only one chemical option, it can eliminate confusion and ensure that the proper chemical solution is being used in your mop buckets.

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